Welcome to Jamal Mohamed College Alumni USA Chapter

The USA Chapter has formed for the Alumni students who are living and working in several states in United States of America & Canada.

We warmly welcome all JAMALIANS in USA & Canada to join our Alumni Association to serve and strive together as

One United Family of Jamalians

The Objectives

    • The former students can help the current students personally and technically by adopting one student – one alumnus and grooming them from the beginning.
    • Deserving economically weaker students and the adopted students may be helped financially.
    • Interacting with the current students thru Skype or video conferencing at USA Alumnus convenient times to encourage them.
    • Establishing a closer link to the Alma matter in JMC.
    • Help Jamal Mohamed College in the accreditation process and ranking process.
    • Establish a Communication portal for mutual co-operation and assistance among members.
    • Develop educational, professional, business and technological awareness among all the members.
    • Conduct in-person and online workshops and seminars on subjects of interests to members.
    • Establish harmony and enhance social and cultural development among the members.
    • Support and coordinate with other social welfare and community development organizations in community development services.
    • Promote family unity and values by organizing regular family gatherings within the possible reach of the members.

Benefits to the College

    • The students in the college will be technically and personally groomed with Alumnus interactions and support.
    • The poor students may study higher education with Alumnus financial support.
    • The database of our former students occupying coveted positions throughout the globe will definitely encourage our present students and the faculty will feel proud of you.
    • The graduate outcome is a very important criterion when we do the exercise of accreditation process (NAAC) – supposed to give details of our former students and also it will be highly helpful when we go for the ranking process ( NIRF) to get the perceptions about the college – when our former students can be contacted thru the respective alumni chapters.

Are you ready to join the USA Alumni Chapter, Please register here.