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Nobody is bothered about an institution more than its alumni. ~~ N. R. Narayana Murthy (co-founder, Infosys)

"As an alumni of our college, I think the most important is to provide mentor ship to young students to achieve their dreams and goal in their own way."
Muneer Ahamed
Program Manager

I completed my MCA at JMC in 1995 after which I worked for ITC in India for 3 years as an Oracle Programmer.

I came to the United States in December of 1998.   My greatest achievement professionally has been my ability to work with my clients and my team to deliver multi-million dollar projects. I believe the projects I have participated so far have impacted and improved people’s life. My life in JMC between 92-95 has been an important platform for my journey from a Programmer to a Project Manager to a Program Manager.

In 2016, I visited our college campus and was amazed with the facilities available for the students.  Huge new buildings, beautiful stadium, air-conditioned auditorium, latest infrastructure were all testimony to the continued commitment from our college management, professors and staff to provide the best opportunities to the students. In 1995, I believe we had the best facilities for that time and in 2016 our college has stayed with the changing waves to keep up with the world class educational institutions.  I have no doubt in my mind that our college is a world class educational institution.  I felt that expanding this world class education to Girls was an icing on the cake.    I am sure this journey of our college will continue for many years to come and pave way for more successful professionals such as me.

As an alumni of our college, I think the most important is to provide mentorship to young students to achieve their dreams and goal in their own way.

Muneer Ahamed

I have done my B.Sc Computer Science and MCA at JMC from 1992-1997.

I came to USA in September 2000, after completed 3 years employment in UAE. Being a person from a village, I am not sure what/where I would have been if I haven’t come to JMC for my (Deen) relegious knowledge and my worldly knowledge (Dunya).

Started my carrier as a programer in various technology and continued to grow as a Technical Project Manager and to a lead Technical Development Manager in the Reinsurance/Insurance industry for handling muliti millions projects for the company which I am currently working.

I have visited few times to JMC after the completion of my graduation, I have amazed to see the development may be its infrastructure or its various course offerring and resources, we will continue to see more development in the future as well and I want to be part of it if there is anyway I could.

JMC has produced many thousand of its alumni. There must be some mechanism to collect all of its alumni and encourage them to come together and do something for its further development,  I am not saying they are not doing anything, but we must increase what we do currently.

When Prof George visited USA, we had discussions on this topic, his recommendation was an alumni to take a student and mold them to achieve his goal and support the overall students and give them confidence via online conference and so on whenever if possible.

Mohamed Faruk

I graduated with B.S Chemistry at JMC in 1994.

I move to U.S.A in midyear 2000. With grace of God, guidance from awesome people was able to have career in my desired domain Information Technology.

Achievement: Successfully executed several Merger & Acquisition integration engagements. Established state of the art commercial solution for various industries CPG, Life Science, Animal Health and Crop Science.

Had only limited opportunity to visit the college campus and hostel. Very impressed with development, offering and resources available for students with diverse background and ethnicity. With proven history, determined planning and engagement from board and tireless professors absolutely positive that JMC Institution will continue to produce students with best culture and great ambassadors representing state and our country India Globally.

Alumni’s could be best coach that students could leverage. Make best use of experts in various domains to learn from “what not to do” and focus on what adds value.

Amanullah Razak