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August ,22 – 2020

Monthly Meeting – August 2020

Meeting Minutes:     

When             :   08-22-2020, 9:00 pm EST to 10:00 PM EST via ZOOM

Host in Chair:  Tholkappian

Participants:  We had the total of 17 members who attended the call today

Agenda topic covered :  

  1. Office Bearers announcement – Dr Ruknudin
  2. Internship Program update – Amanullah
  3. Alumni membership Fund creation – Mohamed Faruk
  4. Update on UPSC program – Ahamed


One of the most senior members of this chapter, Dr.Ruknudin Announced the recent selection of officer bearers. This is kind of temperory setup until this chapter is formalized and by-laws are formed. It’s decided that this set up will remain for maximium of two years from Today (8-22-2020) and then there will be an election to choose the next group of people to take this group forward. Temporary by-laws will be formed for the first two years…This includes but not limited to requesting regular attendance (80%) of the officer beareres in all the NA Alumni meeting.

  • EXECUTIVE COUNCIL – This group responsibility is to oversee a regular operation of the North America chapter.

President: Abdul M Ruknudin

Vice president: Mohamed Faruk

Vice President: Nilamudeen Shaihu

Secretary: Mohaseen Baig

Joint Secretary: Tholkappian Vadivelu

Treasurer: Hekmatyar Khan

Joint Treasurer: Akbar Ali

  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS – This group will act as a advisory for the executive council.

Dr. Abdul Jabbar

Muneer Ahamed

Amanullah Razak

Shabeer Mohammed

Ghulam Mohideen

Internship program update was given by Aman.

Alumni Fund creation discussion

A committee is formed to work on this effort. Mohamed Faruk, Muneer Ahamed, Riaz Ahamed, Farook Majeed, Tholkappian and Ruknudin will come up with ideas on this. This group has to hash out things that includes…

a) what should be the MINIMUM amount that can be collected from members , $50 per year or $100 per year with no maximium

b) Should it be made mandatory or optional ?

c) How the money should be collected ?

d) How the money should be spent ?

e) Prioratize the projects to spend money etc…

Ahamed updated the group on the UPSC program. There was not a lot of progress made on this because of C-19 situation but the college is showing interests in this program.

This chapter agrees that this is an important project that needs to be carried forward. Ahamed shared that 60 out of 860 people elected from Tamilnadu which needs to be improved.

General comments from the meeting:

1. Try to have local meeting with other jamlians locally wherever you are and encourage them to particiapate in the meetings. Maintain social distancing :-). Once the C-19 situation gets better plans can be made for physical gathering.

2. Form a Committee for public relations that would work on talking with other jamalians and encourage participations in the meetings. This group should also work on the following….

a) Contacting people who are not registered to have them registered in the website

b) Contacting people who are partially registered to have them complete the information

c) Contacting people to encourage them to attend the monthly meetings 

d) Contacing people who are not in the whatsapp group and have them added

Group always appreciates any constructive inputs to take this chapter forward in giving back to college and needy students back home.

Next Meeting – We will have our next meeting on September, 19 – 2020