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May,16 – 2020

JMC NA Alumni Meet with Principal

 When         :   05-16-2020, 7:15 pm EST to 9:00 PM EST via ZOOM

Chief Guest:   Dr. Ismail Mohaideen Ph.D, (Principal, Jamal Mohamed College) , Prof.M.M.Shahul Hameed Ph.D

Participants:  Around 30+ JMC NA Alumni Members

Nilamudeen (JMC NA Chapter) conducted the meeting.

Meeting Minutes:     

  1. JMC NA Alumni and including few other Tamil organizations are formed a group for Corona Relief  and helped 4000+ families and 8000+ individuals approximately. This group was led by Nilam.
  2. Principal appreciated JMC NA Alumni Chapter for COVID-19 efforts. BIG Thumps UP!
  3. On a key note speech, our Principal provided details of Corona Relief done by JMC and JMC was appreciated by District Collector of Trichy.
  4. JMC hosted 130+ Corona patients at the campus, provided all the support as needed including the daily meals.
  5. Currently JMC provides scholarship to 1500 needy students every year , Scholarship amount ranges from Rs.3500 to Rs.50,000 for each student based on their financial need.
  6. Discussed the earlier IAS/Civil Service preparation with limited success at the JMC campus.

Action Item

  1. JMC NA Alumni – to reach out veterans of JMC (80s,70s) in US and be part of active Alumni.
  2. Encourage Alumni members to visit JMC campus during back home travel.
  3. Each Alumni chapters will recommend an outstanding JMC Member for yearly Honorary Award function which happened August-15 every year.
  4. Discussed on how to link JMC students for internship in US Projects.
  5. Requested the members to contribute towards the Covid-19 Relief fund to help needy people in Tamil Nadu.

Few questions asked   

  1. How can I contribute back to JMC – yearly for a student scholarship ( Br. Akbar Ahamed ) 
  2. Possibility of Medical Facility in JMC ( Dr. Jamal)
  3. How JMC serviced to COVID patients?