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April,19 – 2020

The following is the summary of the discussions we had during the Conference Call on April, 19 – 2020


We had the total of 25+ members attended the call today. Dr. Ruknudin conducted the meeting.


Agenda items and summary of the meeting  

  • JMC Alumni participation for the Corona Relief fund for Tamil Nadu. 
  • Discussed website hosting update, necessary to change the hosting to different plan and server. 
  • How can we better communicate with members via Blogs and so on.
  • Discussed on getting the opportunities from the members and post at our website or Whats-app due to possible effect of Covid-19.
  • Br. Ahamed brought the idea of IAS Academy like coaching center at our current/former students of JMC. Dr. Ruknudin will check with college and see the current situations at JMC.
  • Due to Covid-19, the current JMC Principal visit to USA has been postponed.
  • Canada members are also joined to our group and the group will be called as NA (North America)
  • Next Meeting will be on May -2nd week.