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March,14 – 2020

Alumni members conference call

The following is the summary of the discussions we had during the Conference Call on March, 14 – 2020


We had the total of 25 members who attended the call today. Mohamed Faruk  (NJ) did the introduction and Nilamudeen (CA) conducted the meeting.


Recapped the previous telephone conferences and what we have achieved so far about the group including the member registration of our alumni website and other activities. 

Agenda item # 1. To achieve the 100+ members to the WhatsApp JMC Alumni group. 

  • Requested the members to give references to their friends and neighbors in their areas and encourage them to be a part of the group. 
  • Requested them to register at the JMC Alumni website with their information such as their current jobs and professional profiles. 
  • There are a few suggestions such as very few members do not use WhatsApp. Many members have not registered at the website but the information and messages need to be conveyed to each one of the JMC Alumni in USA. 

Agenda item # 2  : How to coordinate JMC principal visit on 19 May 2020 and 13 Jun 2020 

Beloved Principal will visit his daughter’s place at Chicago, USA for a month, how can our Alumni will meet and greet him. 

Suggestion 1:

  • The local area JMC Alumni members who are in NJ/NY/PA (East Region) can have a meet at any possible location. The DC/MD area members can have a possibly meet at another location. Also, if possible, the Principal can visit at CA (West Region) and meet the Alumni members there. Few can meet at Chicago (Mid-west region)

Suggestion 2:

  • These suggestions are also discussed. 
    • We can have one location and all the members will visit the place and spend time with him. 
    • At this location, we will have a virtual meeting as well.

Suggestion 3:

  • Since Principal will visit the attractions, we can have a meet wherever he will go, since the time is crucial for him. 
  • We will have a survey to send to the members shortly so that we can have their opinions and see the best options. 

Agenda # 4 : Office bearer selection/election 

  • Since this is a larger group now, this would be the time to formalize the group; members will think about it and will come up with some suggestions. 
  • First, we will form an executive committee and get the ideas and the inputs from the whole group. 
  • When our principal will be here, we can formalize the group officially. 

Agenda # 5 : Jamalian Alumni block 

  • JMC’s global alumni will be constructing the global block and currently few members are in the group as well. We need to provide our support financially and we will discuss more on that at our coming meetings. 

Miscellaneous items 

  • Currently a few members are supporting our current students to achieve their goal by educating them about opportunities and mentoring them. Possible ideas are virtual conferences and individual mentorship etc. MOU can be made between JMC and US universities.

Next meeting: 

We will have our next meeting at second week of April – 2020.