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July,14 – 2019

Alumni members conference call

Attendee’s Location
Dr. Abdul Ruknuddin Mary Land
Mohamed Faruk New Jersey
Muneer Ahamed Delaware
Amanullah Razak New Jersey
Mohaseen Beig Chicago
Mohamed Mubeen Chicago

Agenda Details

Status of Alumni Registration/ complete profile updates
Check the status of the assignment to reach out to fellow Jamalians in USA/CA  via phone call, email or WhatsApp to ensure to strengthen Alumni. Due to the direct phone calls and continue follow up, there are few alumni updated their profile but still need more follow up.
Enhance the connection with JMC Alumni, JMC, Trichy
USA Alumni members will have a telephone conference next week Sunday (July 28,2019) with the Assistant Alumni Secretary (Dr. Syed Ali Padusha) to get more information on how to enhance the connections with JMC Alumni Team, at JMC.
How to get more Alumni to involve volunteer time to have the improved benefits to the college and current students
Few new members were joined this conference call and they are assured to participate with mentor ship with the current students.
Alumni Global meet at JMC
Currently there are three Alumni from USA planning to attend the Global meet at JMC and team has agreed to have them honored with distinguished award as per the request from the college management.
They are
1. Mohamed Faruk
2. Mohaseen Beig
3. Mohamed Mubeen

Follow up Items

Action Items Time Lines Owner
1. Continue to register and update the profiles at the website. Second week of September ALL
2. Spread the message on US/CA Alumni Registration via phone calls and/or Whatsapp. Second week of September ALL
3. Achieve 50% of Alumni registration at the website and actively involve Alumni activities such as monthly conference call. Dec 2019 ALL
4. USA Alumni team visiting to college will have a meeting with Management. August 15 Mohamed Faruk
5. Mentor ship with current students Second week of September ALL
6. Alumni blog at the website Second week of September Prof. Abdul Jabbar
Dr. Ruknuddin
8. Next Re-occurring Monthly Call Sunday  September 15  – 3 PM EST Aman/Mohamed Faruk