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Alumni members conference call

June,16 – 2019

Attendee’s Location
Dr. Abdul Ruknuddin Mary Land
Prof. Abdul Jabbar Chicago
Muneer Ahamed Delaware
Amanullah Razak New Jersey
Mohamed Faruk New Jersey

Agenda Details

Alumni Registration/ complete profile updates
Reach out to fellow Jamalians in USA/CA  via phone call, email or WhatsApp to ensure to strengthen Alumni. Each attendees will assign few folks who are currently in WhatsApp and they will reach out to them to encourage everyone to update their Profile information with a recent photo. Currently there are 50 members registered at the website.
Enhance the connection with JMC Alumni, JMC, Trichy
Reach out to JMC Alumni coordinators to connect directly with JMC Alumni USA team via email, if possible request them to attend the conference calls.
JMC Alumni Office Bearers
Currently we have 40% alumni has registered with the Alumni website, encourage everyone to participate actively in the conference calls and other alumni activities.
Increase volunteer time to have the improved benefits to the college and current students
Possible to solution to involve mentor ship with the current students for their improvement, professionally and academically. Currently few members are actively mentoring with few students, will  have them documented at the website.
Alumni blog at the website
Few alumni professional agreed to have a blog on their journey at the website.

Follow up Items

Action Items Time Lines Owner
1. Continue to register and update the profiles at the website. 1st week
of August
2. Spread the message on US/CA Alumni Registration via phone calls and/or Whatsapp. 1st week
of August
3. Achieve 50% of Alumni registration at the website and actively involve Alumni activities such as monthly conference call. Dec 2019 ALL
4. Connect with JMC Alumni Coordinators 1st week of August Faruk
5. Mentor ship with current students 1st week of August ALL
6. North American – Jamalians Visiting India are welcome to attend Global JMC Alumni Event on AUGUST 15th 2019 – JMC Trichy. 15th AUG 2019
7. Alumni blog at the website 1st week of August Prof. Abdul Jabbar
Dr. Ruknuddin
8. Next Re-occurring Monthly Call Sunday  July 14  – 3 PM EST Aman/Faruk