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Prof. Dr. Akbarsha’s recent visit to New Jersey

Clockwise: Mohamed Faruk, Mohamed Meeran, Mohamed Ghouse, Dr. Akbarsha, Farook Gani, Amanullah

Few Alumnis had met with Dr. Akbarsha and had a great time with him. Dr. Akbarsha shared the work he is been doing for the community during his tenure and  after his retirement. Dr. Akbarsha was a Professor and Head, Department of Animal Science, Bharathidasan University and was a Prof. from Zoology Department at JMC.

July, 22 – 2018

Alumni members had a meeting on Zoom conference call and several important topics were discussed

Attendee’s Location
Dr. Abdul Ruknuddin Mary Land
Salavudeen Abdul North Carolina
Muneer Kaseem Delaware
Shabeer Mohamed New Jersey
Siraj Kaseem New Jersey
Nilamudeen Shaihu California
Mubeen Saji Illinois
Amanullah Razak New Jersey


JMC Alumni North America (USA/ Canada)  Objective
Alumni Registration/ Profile Updates
Focus Areas & Decisions
Action Items


JMC Alumni North America (USA/ Canada)  Objective
Enhance JMC Accreditation & Ranking with Alumni Brand·       Giving back – Career guidance for JMC students (Professional/ Soft Skills)·       Encourage alumni to stay connected and serve as advocates (Locally/Globally)
Alumni Registration/ Profile Updates
Reach out to fellow Jamalians in USA/CA  to ensure we strengthen Alumni·       Currently 50% of the US Team active @Alumni site·       Profile information is being managed securely by broader Admin Team.
Focus Areas & Discussions
JMC’s expectation from Alumni is closer link to the Alma matter·       Career guidance will generate more talents for community & country·       Soft skill is major development opportunity for JMC students – Alumni’s will be great coaches.

Follow up Items

Action Items Time Lines Owner Comments
1. Update Alumni profiles with Details 1st week of August ALL
2. Spread the message on US/CA Alumni Registration  in WHATS APP (Batch specific groups) 1st week of August ALL
3. Establish Committee Dec 2018 ALL
4. Setup Re-occurring Monthly Call Last Sunday of Month – 3 PM EST Nilam/Aman
5. JMC USA/CA Meet up Q1/ 2019 ALL
6. USA/ CA- Jamalians Visiting India are welcome to attend Global JMC Alumni Event on AUGUST 15th 2018 – JMC Trichy. 15th AUG 2018 Mubeen Br. Mubeen to update in Whats App & Website