Minutes of Monthly Meeting – August 2022

September 11, 2022 0 comments Mohamed Faruk

Meeting :Saturday, August 20, 2022 – 5PM EST

Host : Mohaseen
Qirath : Mohaseen
Meeting Mins : Mohamed Faruk

Agenda items:
1) Annual Alumni get together updates – Br Akbar

2) Status of Vision IAS academy – Br Akbar

3) Status of non profit application review with attorney – Br. Akbar

4) Status of MOU/JMC vaccine research laboratory – Dr Ruknudeen

5. Update from Alumni who visited the college recently. Br Aman,

6. Discuss on how to bring more members for this meeting – Faruk

7. Knowledge sharing activities – Ramanan

Detailed discussions:
1. Br. Akbar visited the college for the alumni get together function, MCA alumni get-together, several alumni from  his class met visited on to the function. Provided the update on vision project and other projects. provided 2 Lakhs check from NA Chapter. so far 6 lakhs was given for the Vision project including other Alumni.

2. Non Profit application needs to be reviewed by an attorney from NJ, also Br Akbar want some other member to take care on his behalf due to his work schedule. We will work on this item separately and will find a replacement for BR Akbar.

3. Dr Ruknudin has given the update for MOU with JMC Vaccine Research Laboratory. Emory university and JMC has accepted the proceeding and waiting for the document signatures, after it needs to be announced. we have an ETA of weeks.

4. Br Aman visited the college with his and shared his thoughts.

5. How we can bring more members to this meeting, one choice is to prepare the list of members contact and call them, will need to work on this item.

6. Discussed the knowledge sharing activities, Ramanan has discussed with Prof. George and he will share few students details. Also other members will work on the respective departments to have more students involved on this. Earlier to this meeting, the knowledge sharing group had a discussion on this topic.

Meeting Conclude at 6:30PM