Minutes of Monthly Meeting – December 2020

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting – December 2020

 Date Time Attendance Host Minutes
Saturday 12/19/2020 8:00pm – 9:00pm ET ~10 Br Khan Br Khalil


  1. The host walks thru the agenda. Please find the detail agenda at the portal (https://www.jmcalumniusa.com/)


Discussion Items:

  • Year accomplishment – by the Host
    • USA chapter contributed USD 3,000 towards COVID-19 relief
    • Br Aman had received the “Alumni of the Year” award
    • A Jamalian family was helped thru this USA chapter
    • Etc. (refer agenda for the complete list)
  • 501-C-3 status – by Br Akbar Ahamed
    • a. Registered in NJ as NPO
    • 501-C-3 – will take 2-3 months
    • Proceeding with opening bank account
  • Bylaws – by Dr Ruknudeen
    • Br Khalil and Br Muneer to lead this effort
    • Dr Ruknudeen and Br Faruk to oversee the effort
  • Civil Services – by Br Ahamed
    • Talking to the Shankar academy to come to JMC facility to train the students
    • Due to the COVID-19 the batch may be limited to 15 members
    • JMC Core Team is doing the below
    • Dr Badhusha & Dr Mazhar
    • Prepare brochure, AV from principal, etc.
    • USA Chapter Team is doing the below
      • Shahjahan called 15-20 people to have internal discussion
      • Doing feasibility study, top-down, bottom-up approaches
      • Reaching out to IKLAS, ILMI
    • Asking JMC alumni in Chennai to do the groundwork such as talking to IKLAS, ILMI
    • So far pledged 19K (13 gold, 2 silver)
    • Working on the model for the program
    • Few areas to be addressed such as:
      • JMC Core Team needs to be more aggressive
      • JMC Core Team needs to have placement cell
      • Needs to have Dr Badhusha in next few monthly meetings
    • Miscellaneous – Dr Ruknudeen
      • New templates for the monthly agenda and minutes to be prepared
      • The monthly meeting agenda and the minutes should be uploaded to the portal
      • Br Akbar Ahamed will join Br Faruk and Br Tolkappian to maintain the portal



Action Items: # Action Item Assignee
1 To prepare the Constitution & Bylaws Br Khalil & Br Muneer
2 To prepare the template for the monthly agenda Dr Ruknudeen
3 To prepare the template for the minutes of meeting Dr Ruknudeen
4 To provision an option to UPLOAD the agenda and the minutes the portal Br Akbar Ahamed, Br Faruk and Br Tolkappian