Minutes of Monthly Meeting – Feb 2021

March 25, 2021 0 comments Akbar Ahamed Tags

1. Br Ahamed Shared the status of IAS Academy.
Discussed the progress
As of now we are waiting for the response from the college
College is discussing about the plan we proposed and will come back in few days.
Br Ahamed and Akbar explained why we had to change the plan
2. Br Faruk shared the JMC job portal status
Br Faruk showed the current status of job portal, number of job seekers, employers etc
He emphasized the importance of registering ourself as job seekers and employers

3. Br Faruk gave a demo about editing JMC Alumni portal to update meeting minutes.
Br Faruk showed how an alumni can post meeting minutes and other topics in our alumni website
We also discussed about restricting the content only to alumni

4. Br Akbar provides the status of Non profit and 501c status
Br Akbar provided the status of non profit setup and bank account setup
He addressed the issue of setting up zelle transfer
Br Akbar is going to work with Wellsfargo to solve zelle transfer issue
If zelle is not possible we will discuss about other options

5. Br Kahlil provided the status of Constitution/ Bylaws plan
Prepare the draft by Feb end
Review by panel by March end
Review by all members by April end
We also discussed about using a Lawyer to review the bylaws

Attendees: Br Akbar Ahamed, Br Ahamed Kasim, Br Shajahan, Dr Ruknudin, Dr Abdul Jabbar, Br Mohamed Faruk, Br Amanulla Razak, Br Thiruselvam Viswanathan, Br Shabeer Mohammed, Br Riaz Mohamed, Br Khalil, Br Mohamed Foiaz, Br Sirajudeen Kassim, Abdul Kader