Minutes of Monthly meeting – January 2023

January 23, 2023 0 comments Mohamed Faruk

Meeting, January 22nd (Sunday) 3:00PM EST

Host: Dr. Ruknudin
Meeting Mins: Mohamed Faruk

Qirath: Dr. Ruknudin

Number of Attendees: 17

Agenda items:

1. Welcome address by Dr Ruknudin
2. Visit to JMC – Dr Khan
– Went after a long time, first time visit after the graduation
– Visited Chemistry department, gave a seminar and met with the students
– Visited Civil center (IAS) center
– Shared the slide deck which was presented to the students.

3. Knowledge sharing – Ramanan
– Received 5 students
– Currently connected with them and they are assigned with a mentor
– Some of the students are not responded and followed up with them
– Job placement officer Niyaz is coordinating with the students

4. Non Profit status – Mohamed Faruk
– Thanks to everyone who have worked on this
– Non Profit application has been filled and waiting for the approval from IRS
– Br Akbar will receive Non profit 501c approval notice

5. Civil service Academy – Ahamed
– Received the funds from USA alumnus and MCA 1999 alumni
– Full time faculty has been appointed
– IAS coaching will be covered with 6 months, 20 boys and 20 girls are selected
– After end of this year, they will promoted to second year,
– Similarly we will get 50 students at the first year
– Next step – Dr Mazhar worked with few org and identified with school students
– We are sponsoring one women to further to study on a Civil services Academy

6. Q&A discussion
– Request to everyone meet and greet locally first and post the pictures at the WhatsApp
– Next meeting we will discuss on how we will support MOU project funding for the future development support

Meeting adjourned:  4:00PM

Next Meeting: The team will discuss and come up with a date for the next meeting.