Minutes of Monthly Meeting – July 2020

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Monthly Meeting – July 2020

Meeting Minutes:

When             :   07-18-2020, 9:00 pm EST to 10:00 PM EST via ZOOM

Host in Chair:  Muneer Ahamed

Participants:  We had the total of 20+ members who attended the call today

Agenda topic covered :

  1. Update on Internship project – Br. Aman
  2. Update from UPSC project – Br. Ahamed
  3. Update from JMC Scholarship project – Br. Muneer
  4. Update from Mentoring and Career Development project – Br. Faruk
  5. Discussion on Alumni events / programs / Office Bearers – Dr. Ruknudin

Action Item

  • Internship Engagement
    • Internship Care Takers
      • Syed Fasiullah
      • Akbar
      • Amanullah Razak
    • Requirements shared with JMC (Prof. George and Safiudeen) :   May 20th
    • Candidates where shared with TamilNadu Online (Based on Dallas, Texas) : Jun 4th
    • 3 Candidates short listed : MCA Students
      • Noorual Sirajudeen
      • Sardhar R
      • Shaik Abdulla

Engagement from July to Dec 2020 to start with

Letter to College from TN Online

  • JMC UPSC Academy

Introduction – Proposal

We, JMC NA Alumni are so grateful for JMC for its services for our success and have planned to pay back to the college and community in a fruitful way.

In this thought process some of our Alumni wanted to support the college to start an effective civil services coaching program which will help our young aspirants be successful in serving the community and country.

The idea was greatly appreciated by our college Principal, Management and many other Alumni members.

A team of JMC NA Alumni conducted a feasibility study with some experts, identified some challenges and came up with the following proposal.

Our mission is to provide awareness and training young JMC students to excel in this exam and serve for the betterment of the minority community in Tamil Nadu and India as a whole.


JMC, currently running “Jamal Civil Services Nursery“ part time program. After UG/PG aspirants has to go a fulltime academy to be successful in UPSC program.

Conducted subsequent Zoom meeting with JMC professor Dr. Saifudeen to understand the existing UPSC Nursing program and its progress/challenges.

We had a meeting with Mr. Syed Ali, Head of IKLAS IAS Academy Tirunelveli branch and discussed their achievements and challenges.

Presented this proposal to JMC Civil Services Team along with Principal. We are waiting to hear back from them.

Dr. Ruknudin constantly keeps the Principal and staff updated with the progress and acting as a correspondent between NA Alumni and JMC Management.

Dr. Khan Hekmatyar, a NA Alumnus who had great experience in civil service exams provided good details and challenges about this program.

Program Proposal

Shortlist 30 highly motivated and committed JMC aspirants via entrance exam, academic performance and professors feedback.

Conduct face to face interview with aspirants along with parents.
Student must have completed Bachelor or Master Degree with expectational skills.

This should be a full time program (24×7) in JMC Campus.

Setup separate boarding facility that will keep them to focus on the study and potential distraction from others.

Setup state of the art coaching facility that includes libraries, internet and access to all coaching materials.

Fees structure should be based on their family financial and social backgrounds.

Initial coaching duration should be 1 ½ years followed by first attempt.

Hire experienced faculties of different subjects on hourly basis or fulltime if needed.

Conduct motivational events to keep the interest intact.

Select top 5 highly committed potential aspirants and support them for successive attempts.

Motivate and guide others for successive attempts with limited resources.

Finally motivate the unfortunates for non civil services exams(ex: TNPSC)


Identifying highly motivated, committed and brainy aspirants.

Outsource coaching – Identify result producing IAS Academy (exp. IKLAS/Shankar Academy).

Tie up and bring them to JMC facility to train our students.

Aspirants may require several attempts to produce result.

Dropout possibilities are high.

Fund the program.


  • Ahamed Kasim (1999 MCA)
  • Khan Hekmatyar (1993 B.Sc. Chemistry)
  • Abdul Kader (1999 MCA)
  • Akbar Ahamed (1999 MCA)
  • Abdul Ruknudin (1974 Zoology)
  • Shajahan Shahib (1999 MCA)

JMC Scholarship Project

 Committee Members:  Br. Faruk,  Br. Muneer,  Br. Ryas

Committee formed based on input from JMC Principal

Goal is to collect donation from JMC NA Chapter Alumni members to

support JMC Scholarship and NA chapter Projects.

One time annual contribution from NA Chapter members.

No minimum or maximum requirement ($50,$100…)

Collect funds under an existing 503c charitable organization instead of starting our own.

Contribute towards JMC scholarship during the annual JMC Alumni meet held every year on August 15th.

Questions or Proposal at the meeting

There should be a yearly minimum set for contributions / donations by JMC NA Chapter members.

Committee should look into creating a 503C Organization

Need to draft policy on how the different JMC NA Chapter projects should be prioritized and funded by the donations received.

How about creating an Endowment ?

Mentoring and Career Development project

In the past few meeting we had discussed about the project, we are still waiting for our JMC contacts to setup time from various department such as Computer Science, MBA, Chemistry and so on.

Due to Covid situation, this initiative is getting delayed, will follow up on this.

Discussion on Alumni events / programs / Office Bearers

Dr. Ruknudin to work on the organization structure for the JMC NA Chapter

Dr. Ruknudin to request nominations for various post and announce the office bearers in the next meeting