Minutes of Monthly Meeting – July 2022

September 12, 2022 0 comments Mohamed Faruk

Meeting :Saturday, August 20, 2022 – 5PM EST

Host : Ramanan
Meeting Mins : Ramanan

Agenda items:

  • MOU Update
  1. It is the first achievement in connecting Jamal with Emory University aka. South Harvard. 90% conversation is completed. Dr. Rafi Ahamed.
  2. Once signatures are done there will be a formal announcement.
  • Jamal Vaccine Research
  1. New Vaccine research laboratory is going to be established in Jamal. Once MOU is finalized, we might have to support Jamal research folks for travel and other expenses
  • Knowledge Sharing and Mentor Program
  1. Start a new page for mentor and mentees conversation and tracking.
  2. Discussed with Niyaz from JMC who is point of contact for the Job Counselor in College.
  3. Niyaz will be discussing with College Principal and Prof.
  4. We are planning to get a meeting scheduled with the College and folks who are interested to be part of this activity.
  • Quick Introduction of few folks
    1. Mani Rajendran entrepreneur – Chicago (https://numerictech.com/)
    2. Srinivasan – (working with Verizon in Networking) lives in Dallas area.
  • Most probably we might get a person to talk about Will and Trust in US. (dr. Ruknudin)
  • How do we pull in more friends to the monthly meeting. Have some regional meetings and connect folks to participate in monthly. If there are possibilities for in person meet in regional to get more engagement.
  1. New Jersey area – Siraj
  2. Chicago area – Mani
  3. Washington DC area – Dr. Ruknudin
  • Next month meeting to be planned on a weekday like Wednesday at 9:00 PM EST ? Next month organizer to post a poll in the group.