Minutes of Monthly Meeting – June 2021

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June,19 2021

JMC NA Alumni Monthly Connect

Meeting Minutes:

When             :   06-19-2021, 9:00 pm EST to 10:15 PM EST via ZOOM

Host in Chair:  Br. Mohamed Faruk

Participants:  We had the total of 13+ members who attended the call today

Agenda topic covered in minutes:

  1. Introduction of Agenda – Summarized by Host in Chair.
  2. Finance Team update by Br Akbar.
  3. UPSC Project update by Br Ahamed.
  4. Discussion on Alumni funds collections by Br. Mohamed Faruk / Br Muneer.
  5. Discussion on how to involve more members at our monthly meeting by Dr Ruknudin.

Action Item

  1. Finance Team Update – Br Akbar
    • We are ready with the Zelle account setup by the Bank of America
    • We opened the account with 3 different banks and finally the third bank could able to setup zelle.
    • As of now we are still working with the preparation of by laws, we will need sometime to start the non profit application to IRS.
  2. Development on UPSC project
    • Team has conducted fundraising meeting with several alumni and non alumni.
    • We are in the process of conducting another meeting with New Jersey brothers.
    • We are also discussed about the matching process by the corporations.
  3. Discussion of alumni funds collection
    • Team want to postpone the effort of collecting the annual funds as we are working with them for UPSC project funds.
  4. How to involve more members.
    • Team discussed about the survey poor response
    • Teams needs to call the individual friends connections to encourage them to attend the calls.

Meeting concluded at 10:15PM EST and we will next meeting on August 31, 9:00PM EST