Minutes of Monthly Meeting – June 2022

June 19, 2022 0 comments Akbar Ahamed

Attendees : Dr Ruknudin, Faruk, Ahamed, Akbar, Ramanan and Shajahan.

Topics discussed:

1. Points to discuss with principal and mgmt during college visit – Br Faruk
Many Alumni will be visiting collage in this summer. When Br Faruk visit the collage he will discuss about Knowledge sharing/mentorship and global alumni block with management. When Ahamed visit the collage he will discuss about Vision project

2. Any updates on global alumni block, purpose etc – Br Faruk
It was decided to seek more details about the need and purpose of global alumni block from college in order to share the information to other members to raise fund.

3. Knowledge sharing updates – Ramanan
It was decided to reach out to Prof George to get more details about the topics to discuss or suggest the topics by ourselves.

4. Vision project updates – Ahamed
Ahamed provided the update about Shahul from Singapore visit to college and donation submitted. Shahul submitted 2, 00,000. Also Ahamed is going to visit collage and deliver some fund from US. Rafeeq from UK will visit collage to release some fund from UK

5. 501c updates if any – Akbar
We need to contact a Pro Bono lawyer to review and fill the 501c form. Some one else will step in to continue this process and Akbar will handover  it.