Minutes of Monthly Meeting – March 2022

April 16, 2022 0 comments Mohamed Faruk

March,19 2022

JMC NA Alumni Monthly Connect


Meeting Minutes:


When             :   03-19-2022, 3:00 PM EST to 4:15 PM EST via ZOOM

Host in Chair:  Br. Shabeer Mohammed

Participants:  We had the total of 11+ members who attended the call today.


Agenda topic covered in minutes:


  1. Introduction of Agenda – Summarized by Host in Chair.
  2. Overview of “Global Jamalian Block Project” – Dr. Ruknudin
  3. Knowledge Sharing Activities – Br Ramanan & Br. Mohamed Faruk
  4. 501c Application updates – Br. Mani & Br Akbar
  5. Update MOU between EVC and JMC – by Dr Ruknudin.


Action Item

  1. “Global Jamalian Block Project” – Dr. Ruknudin
    • Well explained about this project.
    • Few questions came up like, what is this being used for ?
    • Where is it going to be built ? Do we really need it etc
  2. Knowledge Sharing Activities
    • Great initiative – Kudos to Ramanan and Faruk.
    • Few concerns came up like, there were no interactions from the students and it was only one way.
    • Will it be good, so that no professors are allowed to be in the session to take away the shyness from the students.
    • Start with easier topics instead of complex topics, so that students get used to it and can be more interactive.
    • Have smaller groups like CLUBS with minimal similar interest students and go more in detail.
  3. 501c Application updates – Br. Mani & Br Akbar
    • Team working on it with full focus and work in progress.
  4. Update MOU between EVC and JMC – by Dr Ruknudin.
    • This is another wonderful initiative which would give a great name to our College and Jamalians.
    • Memorandum of Understanding between Emory University and JMC
    • Ruknudin explained it very well and also had some concern that it is progressing in a very slow pace.
    • Will get back to college team and expedite the process. Dr. Abdul Jabbar at EVC will be the contact person for this project.


Meeting concluded at 4:15PM EST and we will skip APR 2022 meeting and  next meeting will be in May 2022