Minutes of Monthly Meeting – May 2020

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May,17 2020

JMC NA Alumni Monthly Connect

Meeting Minutes:

When             :   05-17-2020, 3:00 pm EST to 4:15 PM EST via ZOOM

Host in Chair:  Br. Mohaseen Beig

Participants:  We had the total of 20+ members who attended the call today

Agenda topic covered in minutes:

  1. Introduction of Agenda – Summarized by Host in Chair.
  2. Overview of Principal meeting conducted on 16th May 2020 was narrated by Br. Mohamed Faruk.
  3. JMC Alumni WhatsApp group policy & regulation to be reviewed & enforced.
  4. IAS, IPS & others civil service academy to be initiated &   established. This should be combined efforts and jointly need to be   reviewed with Global Alumni & JMC management.
  5. JMC NA Alumni scholarship program need to be kickstarted to benefit present students studying in JMC.
  6. Alumni mentorship program to empower and guide present students and help them to reach their goal in various fields.
  7. Dr. Jabbar Gave an overview about his  study on Covid19 & the work they put in for  Vaccine
  8. key JMC staff members contacts to be published in JMC NA website & WhatsApp group.

Action Item

  1. JMC NA WhatsApp group to be redefined with new policy & regulation – Mohaseen beig
    • Refrain from religious and political discussion
    • Post & comment only to college alumni or college related topics  and stick to purpose of the group
    • While posting Arabic words, reiterate the meaning in English for everyone understanding.
  2. Development of Job communication portal with JMC Global Alumni
    • New job opportunity to get notified in JMC job portal for the benefit of alumni and students registered in   JMC Job portal.
    • Priority to Jamalians who are deliberately looking for any job, career opportunity & growth.
    • Encourage current students looking for internship & training with stipend can make use  of the portal and can get in touch with the sponsor.  (Br.Syed & Br.Akbar identified for this initiative)
  3. IAS & Civil Service exam coaching
    • JMC NA team of three to review & evaluate the challenges in establishing the academy.
    • Internal NA team to connect with JMC Mgmt in charge and re-initiate the discussion
    • USA NA team identified for this initiative as below
      • (Br. Ahamed.K ,  Br. Khan  , & Br.Akbar or Br.Khalil )
  4. Mentor ship Program for students to fulfill their aspiration dreams in their respective fields.
    • Dr.Jabbar to initiate and arrange MOU between Emory  & JMC for deserving students after lock down.
    • Mentor-ship will start from foundation studies covering various streams (Botony, zoology & chemistry)
    • Technology Mentor-ship program to be initiated after the discussion with Dr.Saifudeen & Dr.George.
    • USA NA team identified for this initiative as below
      • Science Mentorship – (Dr. Jabbar , Br.Mohaseen beig )
      • Technology Mentorship – (Br. Aman, Br.Siraj & Br.Fazlullah )
  5. Initiation of Scholarship program from USA Alumni Chapter for financially needy students
    • Yearly JMC provides scholarship to 1500 students per year.
    • Due to Covid situation and lockdown anticipating more students this year
    • Scholarship amount ranges from rs.3500 to 15000 for each student
    • USA NA team identified for this initiative as below
      • (Br.Faruk, Br.Riaz & Br.Muneer)
  6. Student Career Guidance & Moral Support
    • Identifying students & support in higher studies and share success stories to build confidence.
    • Coordinate & align with mentorship program and guide  students for job placement
    • USA NA team identified for this initiative as below
      • (Br.Akbar, Br.Khalil & Br.Mubeen)

Few questions asked  

  1. How can I contribute back to JMC – yearly for a student scholarship ( Br. Akbar Ahamed )
  2. How to link JMC students for internship with Projects in US companies?