Minutes of Monthly Meeting – May 2022

May 28, 2022 0 comments Mohamed Faruk

Date : Saturday 5/21/2022

Time : 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST

Attendance : 7

Host : Khalil

Meeting Minutes : Khalil

Discussion Items:

  1. Kick Off – by the Host
    1. The meeting was kicked off with a simple trivia about the JMC Alumni
  2. Knowledge Sharing with JMC Students – by Br Faruk
    1. Br Ramanan and Br Faruk conducted a knowledge sharing session with the current JMC students
    2. The main question from the students – how to land into a job?
    3. Dr Ruknudeen suggested that the meeting format should be like a “Town Hall” where 25% is for the presentation and 75% for the Q&A.
    4. Dr Ruknudeen said that he would talk to the JMC to have the “Town Hall” format for these sessions in the future
    5. Br Faruk mentioned that we need more volunteers from our group to share their knowledge with the students
  3. Non-Profit 501 C3 Status Update – by Dr Ruknudeen
    1. JMC to open a NCRA account so that funds can be transferred to the college. This step is very important to start the Non-Profit status
    2. This will help alumni members in USA to donate without any legal issues
    3. The application form was prepared in one of the meetings earlier by the Non-Profit team members. The next step decided in that meeting was to get it reviewed the an attorney.
  4. UPSC Status – by Br Khalil
    1. The alumni chapters from USA, UK, Singapore met with JMC core team
    2. Br Mubeen shared the minutes of meeting form that meeting. It was read through in the monthly meeting today
  5. New Thoughts – Br Ramanan
    1. Ramanan Shared some of the thoughts that may be helpful for the alumni members living in USA. It is welcome by all the participants to have agenda in the upcoming monthly meetings. Some of the suggestions are to bring awareness about the,
    2. Legal issues related to the children (there was an incident where a child fell in the house, and it became a legal case on the parents)
    3. Visa related issues
    4. Kids school / college studies
    5. Ask the group members “what is the area of concern”
  6. Next Monthly Meeting: Saturday, June 18th. (As Br Mohaseen is travelling to India, need to find a host for the June meeting)

Action Items:

  1. To work with JMC to create NCRA account – Dr Ruknudeen
  2. To review the Non-Profit application with an attorney – Mani & Akbar