Minutes of Monthly meeting – May 2023

June 16, 2023 0 comments Mohamed Faruk

Date: 05/20/23 , Saturday 3:00 PM EST to 04:40 pm EST

Meeting Minutes:

How many Participants: ~27

Moderator : Khan

Riyadh Chapter alumni are the special guests

  • Malic Ibrahim
  • Anis
  • Jiyavudeen
  • Adam Malik
1. Riyadh chapter alumni President – Malic Ibrahim 
  • Gave the introduction about the chapter
  • What is Riyadh chapter functions and what would be the community wanted
  • NA chapter can start helping the technological help to the students
  • focus on the entrepreneurship for the community works
2. Riyadh chapter alumni – Anis 
  •  Brother gave the services offered by the alumni
  •  Community services at Corona times
  • Requested to have a JMC alumni get together , this would help everyone connect, so that we can all offer services via alumni
  • Started at Trichy with Aslam of  Inamkulathur, with basic food services for the physically challenged people and management helped a lot. This helped to  start the services to them directly
  • Riyadh chapter executive committee supported the activities, for the blind people and to all the community people in need.
  • Everyone request to continue the community services
3. Riyadh chapter alumni former President – Jiyadueen
  • Principal gave the intro to all alumni activities, like financial help and so on
  • He also explained how the  selection criteria works and  how the beneficiary are selected
  • After we started the chapter,  collected money from the alumni and we don’t force anyone to pay
  • Started on 2019, we collected scholarship Rs 1.7 lakhs and started next year Rs 2.3lakhs, last year Rs 2.l lakhs, college send the list of the beneficiary
  • Collected the jakat money and beneficiary to the Muslims girls student.
  • College has given the confirmation that the Riyadh chapter recommendations students are also fulfilled
  • Alumni recommendation for the new students are admitted , around Alumni out of 8/10 requests are accepted by the college team. 

Questions :

  • Khan Expressed that the activities of NA chapter
  • Muneer asked the questions about how to get more alumni
  • Malic added to break as small group of people to get to know more of them individually so that they can be motivated.
  • Aman asked question about how Riyadh team can collaborate one activity.
  • Malic answered to reach out to the Alumni of  each (students  and their corresponding teachers) and collaborate them.
  • Ruknudeen, suggested to support the IAS.
  • Faruk added to support the Mentorship activity with NA Team.
  • Arif Bava explained as he a member another Nonprofit org. and explained,  what are the difficulties, how they are supporting  the students and identify them. Also he explained how difficulty  is to send money to the needy studends.
  • Ahamed shared the function of IAS vision academy of JMC which is sponsored by NA Chapter