Minutes of Monthly Meeting – October 2022

November 22, 2022 0 comments Mohamed Faruk

Meeting :Saturday, October 29, 2022 – 9PM EST

Host : Muneer Ahamed
Meeting Mins : Muneer Ahamed

Attendees: Dr. Ruknudin, Br. Muneer Ahamed, Br. Faruk, Br. Aman, Ramanan, Isaac, Br. Mohaseen Beig, Br.Khan and Br. Riaz.

Agenda items:

  1. Update from Vision IAS Project – Br Ahmed and team
  2. Update from Mentorship initiative – Ramanan and team.
  3. Update on JMC trip / JMC-Emory MOU – Dr. Ruknudin
  4. Brainstorm promotion of JMC Alumni events

Discussion / Decision Made


  1. Ahmed briefed the group on the progress of the Vision IAS Project.
    1. 30 boys and 30 girls have been identified to undergo training for civil services exam as part of this project.
    2. 1 Staff has been hired to provide the training.
    3. Program is well underway.
    4. Exploring field trip to other similar training centers to understand the challenges in the program.
    5. Ruknudin met with the students and staff of this program during his visit to our college.
    6. Funds close to 6 lakhs has been transferred to this program from various alumni chapters including the JMC NA chapter.
  2. Ramanan presented a power point presentation on the Mentorship initiative.
    1. A power point presentation on Mentor responsibility, Student responsibility and College responsibility was presented by Ramanan.
    2. The goal of the program is to provide guidance to JMC students to impact their overall growth.
    3. Students have been identified by the college for Mentorship program.
    4. Mentors are assigned 1 student each to mentor.
    5. Need more mentor volunteers.
  3. Ruknudin presented a power point presentation on JMC visit.
    1. Ruknudin met with JMC Management Staff, Professors and other stake holders to discuss the JMC – Emory MOU.
    2. JMC has established a Vaccine Research Center within the college premises.
    3. JMC staff have been tasked to run the Vaccine Research Center at JMC.
    4. Ruknudin met with the Vision IAS project members and spoke to the team on our vision for this project. Dr. Ruknudin report good progress has been on this project.
    5. Ruknudin met with other chapter members and dignitaries during the visit.
  4. Promote JMC Alumni NA Chapter achievements.