Minutes of Monthly Meeting – September 2022

October 9, 2022 0 comments Mohamed Faruk

Meeting, September 24th (Saturday) 3:00PM EST

Host: Mohamed Faruk
Meeting Mins: Mohamed Faruk

Agenda items:

  • Make a phone calling list to remind non-participants – Dr Ruknudin
    • Recently the attendance of the members who join the meeting is being decreased
    • Team discussed on having more members joined at the meeting.
    • Few suggestions came up to have Principal and management join at the session, so that it would encourage the members
    • We may need to assign the individual members will call assigned members about the meeting.
  • JVRL (Vaccine research) updates – Dr Ruknudin
    • Team has secured the signed documents
    • Members requested to have the global alumni aware of this, and Dr Ruknudin will discuss the conversation with Managment
  • Update on Knowledge sharing with JMC students – Ramanan and Faruk
    • Requesting JMC contact to provide the list of students to engage them in this topic
    • Br Faruk is already working on a MCA final year student
    • Members drive is happening for this initiative
  • Vision IAS project – recent progress- Ahamed
    • Team discussed on the topic for the recent development

Next meeting planned early weeks of October since Dr Ruknudin will be in India and will discuss with the principal and the management.