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Minutes of Monthly meeting – May 2023
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Date: 05/20/23 , Saturday 3:00 PM EST to 04:40 pm EST Meeting Minutes: How many Participants: ~27 Moderator : Khan Riyadh Chapter alumni are the special guests Malic Ibrahim Anis Jiyavudeen Adam Malik 1. Riyadh chapter alumni President – Malic Ibrahim  Gave the introduction about the chapter What is Riyadh chapter functions and what would […]

Minutes of Monthly meeting – February 2023
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Date: 2/25/23 11 am to 12:15 pm ESTAgenda: 1. College Team present the progress of ‘JMC Vision IAS Academy’ project2. Knowledge Sharing – update Ramanan3. JVRL – Vaccine Research – Update from Dr. Sulaiman Meeting Minutes: How many Participants: ~25Who from JMC College: Dr. Padhusa, Dr.Jinna and Er.Asfaq Ali(Star Faculty, JMC Vision IAS Academy)From NA […]

Minutes of Monthly meeting – January 2023
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Meeting, January 22nd (Sunday) 3:00PM EST Host: Dr. Ruknudin Meeting Mins: Mohamed Faruk Qirath: Dr. Ruknudin Number of Attendees: 17 Agenda items: 1. Welcome address by Dr Ruknudin 2. Visit to JMC – Dr Khan – Went after a long time, first time visit after the graduation – Visited Chemistry department, gave a seminar and met with […]

Minutes of Monthly Meeting – October 2022
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Meeting :Saturday, October 29, 2022 – 9PM EST Host : Muneer AhamedMeeting Mins : Muneer Ahamed Attendees: Dr. Ruknudin, Br. Muneer Ahamed, Br. Faruk, Br. Aman, Ramanan, Isaac, Br. Mohaseen Beig, Br.Khan and Br. Riaz. Agenda items: Update from Vision IAS Project – Br Ahmed and team Update from Mentorship initiative – Ramanan and team. Update on […]

Minutes of Monthly Meeting – September 2022
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Meeting, September 24th (Saturday) 3:00PM EST Host: Mohamed Faruk Meeting Mins: Mohamed Faruk Agenda items: Make a phone calling list to remind non-participants – Dr Ruknudin Recently the attendance of the members who join the meeting is being decreased Team discussed on having more members joined at the meeting. Few suggestions came up to have Principal […]

Minutes of Monthly Meeting – July 2022
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Meeting :Saturday, August 20, 2022 – 5PM EST Host : RamananMeeting Mins : Ramanan Agenda items: MOU Update It is the first achievement in connecting Jamal with Emory University aka. South Harvard. 90% conversation is completed. Dr. Rafi Ahamed. Once signatures are done there will be a formal announcement. Jamal Vaccine Research New Vaccine research […]

Minutes of Monthly Meeting – August 2022
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Meeting :Saturday, August 20, 2022 – 5PM EST Host : Mohaseen Qirath : Mohaseen Meeting Mins : Mohamed Faruk Agenda items: 1) Annual Alumni get together updates – Br Akbar 2) Status of Vision IAS academy – Br Akbar 3) Status of non profit application review with attorney – Br. Akbar 4) Status of MOU/JMC […]

Minutes of Monthly Meeting – June 2022
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Attendees : Dr Ruknudin, Faruk, Ahamed, Akbar, Ramanan and Shajahan. Topics discussed: 1. Points to discuss with principal and mgmt during college visit – Br Faruk Many Alumni will be visiting collage in this summer. When Br Faruk visit the collage he will discuss about Knowledge sharing/mentorship and global alumni block with management. When Ahamed […]

Minutes of Monthly Meeting – May 2022
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Date : Saturday 5/21/2022 Time : 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST Attendance : 7 Host : Khalil Meeting Minutes : Khalil Discussion Items: Kick Off – by the Host The meeting was kicked off with a simple trivia about the JMC Alumni Knowledge Sharing with JMC Students – by Br Faruk Br Ramanan and Br Faruk […]